About Biossentiel


    bio – ssentiel

    organic – essential oil

biossentiel, a nelly grosjean signature is Dr. Nelly Grosjean’s signature range of 100% certified organic aromatherapy products.

Dr. Nelly Grosjean inherited a long family tradition of naturopathic medicine and has been practicing naturopathy and aromatherapy for over 30 years. Thanks to her invaluable years of practices and rigorous standards in essential oil distillation process, Dr. Grosjean has created a wide range of high quality organic aromatherapy products.

Dr. Grosjean is an author of several books of aromatherapy that have been translated into different languages throughout the world. She has been interviewed by television and radios for her work in naturopathy and aromatherapy and has also been invited to speak at various local and international conferences. Her essential oil brand biossentiel – a nelly grosjean signature is being sold worldwide.

Aromatherapy – the natural way

Dr. Nelly Grosjean is the curator of the Museum of Aromas and Perfume in Provence, where her organic plants are grown, harvested and distilled to prepare biossentiel therapeutic essential oils and hydrosols.